It was dragging itself through the shallows, out on the sand of the beach, and then … it pulled off its face!

Posted: December 8, 2015 by teenwairead in Science Fiction

silver skinSilver skin  by Joan Lennon

“Skara Brae, Orkney, the end of the Stone Age. The sun is dying, storms batter the coast and people fear the end of the world. When Rab crawls out of the sea, wearing the remains of his Silver Skin, he throws the islanders into confusion. Who is he? Why has he come? Voy, the village wise woman, is certain he’s a selkie…Cait isn’t so sure. Rab, thousand of years from home, injured and desperate, must learn fast about this ancient world.” (jacket)

Cait is the only person who witnesses Rab’s arrival into her world, as he plunges with a splash into the bay, and through the fog she can’t be sure what made the sound.  Waiting quietly, she observes a creature crawl ashore and approaches with caution. It is a severely injured man, and Cait takes him to her primitive abode that she shares with the village Wise woman. In fact, Cait is an outsider, a slave to Voy, but together they nurse Rab back to health as each is drawn to him, for different reasons.

Time travel, history, romance – what a great combination and an enjoyable read, with appeal for any age or gender.



  1. Joan Lennon says:

    A lovely review to come across on a wet Scottish winter day – many thanks! Joan Lennon.

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